Cornell Maritime Press has just released a book authored by Freehill partner Eric E. Lenck titled LAW OF RECREATIONAL BOATING.

Drawing on extensive research of the reported yachting cases and relevant state and federal statutes, the book focuses on those maritime law issues most likely to impact the typical recreational boater. Topics covered include buying the boat; documentation, registration and foreign flags; marinas, yacht clubs and boatyards; marine insurance; salvage and towage; regulatory and criminal law; charter parties; and a section on some of the unique aspects of maritime litigation. The book includes useful forms and practical advice based on the author’s many years of experience as a maritime attorney.

A number of prominent members of the recreational boating community have given the book enthusiastic endorsements:

Capt. Jonathan Boulware
Master, 500 tons, Oceans, Motor, Sail, or Steam
President and CEO, South Street Seaport Museum, New York:
“In the LAW OF RECREATIONAL BOATING, maritime attorney Eric Lenck has done a great service to recreational boaters and professional mariners alike. Intended as a resource for the recreational boating public, this book has still broader appeal. As a licensed Master of Motor, Steam or Sail for 23 years, I found much that is useful in this worthy text. I recommend this book to my colleague mariners and to all who own or operate boats. Whether you’re buying your first boat or celebrating decades of time on the water, you’ll find things here that will expand your knowledge of the confusing and sometimes odd world of maritime law and in doing so find greater comfort that you are protected, properly insured, and legally shipshape. LAW OF RECREATIONAL BOATING belongs in every boater’s library.”

Robert B. Parrish
President, Maritime Law Association of the United States, 2012-2014
Partner, Moseley, Prichard, Parrish Knight & Jones
“With this comprehensive and understandable legal primer, Eric Lenck has identified and expertly explained the legal issues that will enable the unwashed to avoid the hazards of maritime law. He has done a great service to the recreational boating community in the United States, including those involved in purchase and sale, marinas, boatyards, marine insurance, salvage, yacht chartering, and maritime law enforcement. This book should prove to be a valuable resource , not only to lawyers unfamiliar with the peculiarities of maritime law, but also to serious boat owners who want a better understanding of how maritime law may affect them. The author’s practical advice rings true and reflects his many years of experience in handling maritime litigation and marine transactional work.”

Rear Admiral Francis “Stash” Pelkowski, U S Coast Guard (Ret.)
Master Mariner & 3rd Asst. Engineer U S merchant Marine (Ret.)
Professor New York maritime College
“Eric Lenck’s LAW OF RECREATIONAL BOATING is an incredibly comprehensive, interesting, and easy to understand compilation of all the basic knowledge we need on recreational boating law. This is the single “must read” and “must have” book for every member of the recreational boating community. It is on my shelf and should be on yours as well.”

The list price of the book is $24.99. It may be ordered through the publisher Cornell Maritime Press, a Division of Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., Amazon Books, or Barnes & Noble.