The Firm has experience in drafting just about any type of maritime contract there is.  Our approach begins by referencing a vast library of forms we have developed over the years.  These are not just the mainstream printed forms found in public reference sources, but in-house forms we have developed and updated for specific assignments and specific trades.  The documents we have drafted include charter parties, bills of lading, service contracts, vessel sharing agreements, ship construction contracts, purchase option agreements, ship repair contracts, agency agreements, equipment lease agreements, consulting agreements, employment contracts, management agreements, operating agreements, stevedore contracts, joint venture agreements, terminal contracts, dockage agreements, confidentiality agreements, indemnity agreements, towage contracts, commodity sale agreements, letters of intent, asset sale agreements, escrow agreements and all manner of corporate documentation.

Using the appropriate basic form as a starting point, we listen carefully to a client’s specific concerns relating to the contract.  We also seek to integrate any recent legal developments into the agreement.  We believe our experience and depth of knowledge, both in terms of the legal issues and the practical side of shipping, give us an edge in contract drafting and negotiations on behalf of a client.  Our goal is to produce a comprehensive document which addresses all essential terms and which is tailored to the specific needs a client may have.