Our firm’s Maritime Criminal Defense Group has extensive experience in handling maritime criminal matters in all jurisdictions of the U.S.  While oily water separator cases have been particularly active matters in recent years, we also have dealt with criminal investigations and/or prosecutions arising out of oil spills and marine casualties and have advised or defended clients who have been the subject of a variety of government investigations.

Over the years we have handled maritime criminal cases, always difficult situations, with positive results for our clients.  We take an objective and aggressive approach to these cases.  Our philosophy is to objectively evaluate the strengths and weakness of the matter and recommend solutions and strategies in order to obtain the most favorable result for our clients.  Solutions have ranged from:  1) no criminal prosecution; 2) identify and propose a successful trial defense; or 3) negotiate a favorable settlement, enabling our clients to continue to do business in the U.S. with minimal problems.  We have structured and helped clients implement reasonable and effective environmental compliance programs as part of settlement agreements with the government. We take pride in serving as strong advocates and utilizing our extensive experience in obtaining the most favorable outcome for our clients. We do not litigate our cases in the press, recognizing that our clients do not want unfavorable publicity, but handle them discreetly, quietly and effectively.

Freehill’s Maritime Criminal Defense Group consists of five partners, supported by the full resources of our firm.  The individual attorneys in the Group have varied expertise in all aspects of maritime criminal matters. If you are confronted with a maritime casualty or other incident which occasions an investigation by the authorities which could lead to criminal exposure, we can assist. If you require an audit of your operational policies to insure that you are in compliance with relevant regulations, we can advise you.

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