The firm has extensive experience in defending vessel owners and managing oil pollution and other environmental casualties including the first post-OPA 90 oil spill in Tampa, Florida and the Buzzards Bay oil spill in 2003.  Our involvement with pre-OPA 90 pollution casualties included the ARGO MERCHANT, the PRESIDENTE RIVERA and a number of other spills. The management of an oil spill and the civil and criminal defense of cases arising from an oil spill require a multi-faceted approach with a significant number of experienced professionals to coordinate the legal aspects of  the clean up, the logistics, public relations, governmental relations, the casualty investigation, financing, claims, criminal charges, and the National Resource Damage Assessment.  Because we have so many experienced professionals who can deal with the many aspects of a spill, we can provide and have provided immediate response to spills in various locations in the United States, often supplementing local resources with whom we have had long term relationships.  The firm has also defended a number of criminal charges in MARPOL cases brought by the Government and provided advice to Owners regarding proper protocols to have in place to avoid criminal prosecution.