The firm has extensive knowledge and experience in handling and defending terminal liability exposures, having represented almost all of the local terminals in Port Elizabeth and Port Newark from cases as wide ranging as injuries to customs agents and outside truckers to cargo damage and environmental cleanup issues.  The firm has handled several serious commercial general liability personal injury matters for local terminals involving amputations and death claims, and has an extensive working knowledge of the interplay between the Port Authority, local terminal operators, and the various business invitees who gain access to the various terminals, including outside truckers, customs and government agents and ship handlers.  In conjunction with its extensive handling of general and marine liability terminal matters, and its Longshore and Harbor Workers’ compensation practice, the firm also handles OSHA matters for various terminals as well.  Relevant cases include obtaining summary judgment on behalf of a terminal for alleged failure to provide adequate lighting during lashing procedures, advising terminals regarding various losses incurred during Hurricane Sandy, defending a terminal for an environmental hazard/cleanup, successfully obtaining full indemnity against a general contractor providing repair services for a personal injury sustained by one of its workers, and obtaining summary judgment on behalf of a terminal in an injury suffered by a subcontractor conducting cleaning services.